My work memorializes seemingly insignificant moments through whimsical representations of the domestic space. I am interested in taking domestic scenes and objects from their domestic habitat and translating them into experiential recreations inflected with myriad feeling. This work becomes physical manifestations of the space between myself and my surroundings, what provides comfort and joy, and what makes me feel unimpressive or lowly. My process begins with journal entries and direct observation. I then create specific compositions intuitively. This intuitive way of working brings integrity to the work, as much of my work is inspired by artist Anne Truitt’s statement that “the meaning of our experience is held in the infinitely short intervals between our sensory perceptions.” My use of craft-based processes is meant to afford conceptual connotations that relate to time, record, manual labor, low brow, and the domestic. To depict a playful mood that can entice viewers, I incorporate absurd humor and rely on abstraction in a way that melts meaning and sparks curiosity and wonder. For the distorted and sometimes illegible objects and spaces, it is important that the work retains a compositional rhythm through color, form, and embellishment. The mundane can exemplify the dullness in routine, yet it can also provide an opportunity to become conscious of one’s active agency in a specific time and space. The domestic scenes I create are based off my own living space, which is stagnant in a sense but my perception of it changes based on influences in and outside the home. It can feel mundane or boring or pointless, yet I am inclined to strive for admiration and to discover joy in my retreat.
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