My work memorializes seemingly insignificant moments through whimsical representations of the domestic space.  The integrity of my work depends on an acknowledgement of contradictory emotions-feelings of pointlessness versus the admiration of momentary satisfaction. The mundane can exemplify the dullness in routine, yet it can also provide an opportunity to become conscious of one’s own autonomy. These quiet moments reflect my appreciation of the sentiment felt from a specific time and space. I am drawn to the intangible idea of home and create domestic still lifes to illuminate the extraordinary potential of the mundane.
My appreciation for quiet moments has been best realized in solitude. I allow myself time with this sensibility during the physical making of the work. The repetition required for craft based processes such as weaving and sewing allow this time to become a physical component of the finished piece. Ceramics in particular create a record of the movement of my hands work. Similar to collage, the mixed media components fragment a linear understanding of time and space through overlapping textures and forms. It references a somethingness that is less physical but equally palpable. Combining 2D and 3D forms and using multiple perspectives and depths in a single piece verges reality into illusion.  I am interested in the fleetiness of these moments and and depict their brevity with fragile components.
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