2016-2017: Grad App Blog

April 17-April 23

Things are winding down and winding up at the same time. I am really excited about this bubble gum machine (with stand) I am putting together. It has been super fun to make, and it is so close to finished-built, with one firing to go. I feel like my pieces relating to memory are getting stronger aesthetically, but conceptually I am starting to diverge into new places. That’s probably a good thing. The palm tree is moving along although the public/community aspect as begun taking more mental energy than I was hoping.

This week I gathered together all the materials I would need for a real simple home dark room and created a pinhole camera. I think this could work well for my interest in time and capturing a new layer in a time based project. I’m excited (eh? anxious..?) to reconnect with a process I haven’t tried out since high school. WOO HOO!!



April 10-16

This week was a busy one. Got a lot of firing done and some results I’m happy with, some I feel need more work but I think I like where they are headed..maybe?IMG_0263

Really happy with how the palm tree parts came out. I been testing concrete so I can GETON with this helluva piece.

Got some pots I’ve been working on out of the kiln. They’re not quite at the “done” stage but pretty close, and I’m not sure what I think. Something I like, something missing. The new-ness is keeping me from having much of an opinion about it yet, but I would like to work on these ideas a bit more at some point.

Since I got my pieces for class finished I decided to push through one more little project I have in mind. We’ll see how all this plays out. Things are quickly coming to a close and there’s a lot of finishing up to do!

March 27- April 2

Post-vacation week was a busy one! I’m excited for next year, when I’ll be in graduate school and I don’t have to worry so much about a balancing act of life in and out. This week I focused on glazing, messing up with glazing, remaking glazes, etc. The saga continues. I also made some little pots and thought a lot about why I have been really enjoying making them lately.

I have a goal of finishing up this palm tree pieces by the end of the month, so I got to work on glazing for that too. It has taken FOREVER! One more step to add then I can fire away!

There’s this point I’m currently at with my work where I have so many ideas I can’t seem to finish anything quickly enough. The work I saw at NCECA this year was so inspiring to me and gave me big project ideas as well as more abstract thoughts about form/subject, surface details, and installation project ideas. I have worked on many projects this semester but have not actually completed much of anything just yet. My goal for the upcoming week (with a crit overshadowing Thursday) is to have something from the semester DONE!

March 20-March 26

NCECA NCECA NCECA!!!!! What a great week. Finished up a few things before heading to Portland, Oregon on Tuesday. Have a bubble gum machine in the works and finally got my palm tree colorants “good enough” to get some color down. PERFECT!

NCECA was super amazing, so so inspiring and saw such great work! A few things that just inspired me and a few things that gave me ideas of my own. Loved Jerry Salt’s keynote address where he was like “YO PEOPLE OF THE CLAY CHILL OUT ON CLAY AND BE ARTISTS PLEASE!” ┬áBut really I think he made some good points about labeling yourself/limiting yourself and some ideas I hope to continue to explore this summer/in grad school.


Overall. best NCECA EVA!!!!

March 6-12

More tests tests tests…and pots?! What is HAPPENING!?!?

I really don’t know yet. But it’s been fun. I’m trying to make some pots for this textured glaze I been working on. It’s nice to see that they are getting better, and frustrating how difficult it is to try to focus on form and feel like it’s not working out. Still, I think this is good practice for more sculptural works as well.

I’ve been thinking about some of my work and the idea of “subtle” and how that is not my thing. Which, I think, can be totally okay, but it’s been fun trying to make some pots I can think of more as canvases to more “subtle” things.

Tests just keep going and going. I’m not really a perfectionist of hues, but I’m trying to get some terra sigs and glaze to be in the same color palette. It’s just a little tweaking here and there, and leaving unkind notes to myself when I realize I forgot to take notes or took inaccurate ones at a different point (like realizing I didn’t put down my firing cycle for my last tests that turned out so nice-WHYWHYWHY!!)

Needless to say, I’m really ready to move on from these palm tree pieces, and already beginning on a few new things. Oh, including a cutting board I’m really excited to flock up.












Feb. 27- March 5

New stuff and lots of test stuff this week. I looked up a lot of info about crater glazes so am doing different firing cycles on the same test tiles. Hoping to get a wide variety of┬áresults. Started making some pots to put these new glazes on. I think I like them and then I’m not so sure. I want to reach the right amount of complete looking but also a bit wobbly and unrefined. It’s a difficult match up. Planning out my class project too and will begin testing next week. Feels like I’ve been dabbling in a few things with little results thus far but I’m really excited to see where everything is going!

Feb 20-26

So glad things finally seem back in focus. After getting over being sick this week I feel like I am once again able to focus on art making. Feels awesome. I finished up the all the components for the palm trees that will be part of an outdoor installation this week and had a crit on it. went alllllllright. Then I was playing around with some other pieces I’ve been having fun making and I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT to get some results out of the kiln tomorrow…along with terra sig tests. ANNNNND I finally got my trip planned out and settled and I am OFFICIALLY going to Portland. Annnnd a quick vacay to San Francisco. The semester is about 1/3 complete and I have a very clear idea what work I would like to finish before summer. Feels good.